Mohr Wildlife Control – We specialize in safe effective trapping and removal of wild animals that are causing damage and are being a nuisance to you, your business, or your property in a timely manner. Our service area covers Central and North Central Iowa.

We will help you protect your property – inside and out. Open 24 hours a day with emergency service.

Please call 319-270-6225 to schedule an appointment today.

Remember: We service a wide area in Central and North Central Iowa for trapping and removing of wild animals. We can travel the whole state of Iowa to remove bats from your home or building.

Don’t try to tackle wild animals by yourself – Hire a Professional. Mohr Wildlife Control can remove the animal(s), fix the damaged area and / or provide solutions to solve the problem so you don’t have a problem again. Some of the examples that we deal with on a regular basis are raccoons in your attic or chimney, ground hogs (wood chucks) digging by your foundation and eating your flowers, skunks living under your deck, moles tunneling through your nice lawn, and bats taking over your home.

Bats can wreck your attic.

Bat guano in your attic can pose a possibly health risk.

Bats are a unique specialty of Mohr Wildlife Control with a fair amount of calls coming in to remove bats from homes, business, schools, and churches. We can remove a single bat from a room to removal the whole colony. We remove bat colonies by exclusion and bat proofing; essentially we seal all possible enter points and mount one-way valves so the bats that are inside can get out and not back in. It takes a special skill and eye to truly understand how and why bats are getting in to your place. We have this skill and can bat proof a building with up to a 5 year guarantee (*guarantee is subject to build condition). Each building has its own challenges to bat proof so we would like to set up a time to do an inspection. Inspection fee are $100 but if you chose to have us do the work of bat exclusion and bat proofing we forgo the $100 inspection fee. We also offer bat guano clean up starting at $3 per foot or a minimum of $50.

Don’t delay and call today to discuss exact terms.

foxWith other animals, it depends on the situation as we work with our customer. For most other wild animal causing problem we work with you our customer to discuss the best options of removal whether it be trapping, exclusion, or some other form of removal. We do not use poisons. The safety of you, your family, pets, and people using your property is our top concern. Please call to discuss fees as every job is different. We are competitively priced.

Please note, no poisons or harsh chemicals are ever used. This protects your family and your property.

Trapping skunks takes a special care, we can trap and remove most skunk without them spraying but if they do spray or have already sprayed your home we do offer an odor control program

Special care is needed when trapping skunks; we can trap and remove skunks without them spraying. We do offer an odor control program if a skunk has sprayed.

Here is a list of animals we can help you with but are not limited to: beaver, raccoon, skunk, ground hog, squirrel, mole, chipmunk, snakes, birds, muskrat, foxes, coyote, and many more. We also offer dead animal removal and clean up. No bugs or spiders.

We accept cash, check, and credit cards. A down payment is due before work begins and full payment when complete. Bat-work requires 25% down. More involved projects, we do work with our clients and accept payments this is subject to Mohr Wildlife Control.

You don't have to live with this.  Call today to solve the problem!

You don’t have to live with this. Call today to solve the problem!